Sobrietry: Contents

Sobrietry: the skill and practise of stopping drinking.

Sobrietry: The skill and practise of stopping drinking and staying stopped. This book deals exclusively with the practicalities of stopping drinking and staying stopped. It isn’t written to inspire or entertain it is written to give practical advice on what we can actually do that will help. People often talk about a recovery ‘toolbox’ and that is precisely what this is: what to do, what it will achieve, and why it is important.

You can read Sobrietry at the links below or download a free copy of the eBook The paperback is available from Amazon here:

CONTENTS (click to read the chapter)

Right Now

Chapter One: Necessary, Possible and Worthwhile.

Chapter Two: Cravings and Triggers

Chapter Three: Managing Cravings

Chapter Four: Emotional Triggers

Chapter Five: Resolve

Chapter Six: The Challenge Changes

Chapter Seven: Clean up the Past

Chapter Eight: Living Differently

Chapter Nine: If we Drink Again

Chapter Ten: Sobrietry

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