The information in this book is based on insights into alcoholism provided by current science and research. Below are some of the research papers detailing the science behind the main themes of the content.

Definition, descriptions and symptoms

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The risks and damage attributable to alcohol

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The dopamine reward and aversion system

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Reduced recognition of adverse effects

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GABA and alcoholism

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Glutamate and alcoholism

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Alcohol and memory

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Distress and addiction

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Psychological impacts of alcoholism

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Genetics and inheritability

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Susceptibility to alcoholism

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Addiction Transference

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Dopamine, Serotonin, and Norepinephrine at and after withdrawal

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Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Alcohol and the Reward System

Chapter Three: How Alcohol Affects us

Chapter Four: Alcohol-Tolerance

Chapter Five: The Psychological Burden of Addiction

Chapter Six: Denial

Chapter Seven: Who Becomes an Alcoholic?

Chapter Eight: Withdrawal

Chapter Nine: After Withdrawal

Chapter Ten: The Following Months

Chapter Eleven: If we Drink Again

Chapter Twelve: The Last Words

Bibliography: Additional Reading

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