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The book Lying Minds can be read online here

This book is about understanding alcoholism so that we can make our efforts to combat it more effective. The resources we can summon to fight addiction are finite and if we apply them carelessly then we deplete them and our effort fails. When we understand the problem properly then we can recognise which actions will yield results and which will not. By doing so we can win through by focusing our willpower, resolve and intellect on where they will bring results.

This book describes alcoholism and the processes in our brain that support the onset and growth of addiction. These are described to enable the reader to understand the whole span of the problem, anticipate its actions, and recognise what will and will not be effective in combating it. It is written to help those needing to stop drinking and anyone helping someone in that position.

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Alcohol and the reward system

Chapter Three: How Alcohol Affects us

Chapter Four: Alcohol-Tolerance

Chapter Five: The Psychological Burden of Addiction

Chapter Six: Denial

Chapter Seven: Who Becomes an Alcoholic?

Chapter Eight: Withdrawal

Chapter Nine: After Withdrawal

Chapter Ten: The Following Months

Chapter Eleven: If we Drink Again

Chapter Twelve: Dear Reader

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