About Lying Minds

This site is written by Dave Horry, a recovered alcoholic. It exists to help people get sober and to stay sober, and these are enormous tasks. The greatest challenge faced by all people with a serious drinking problem is not alcohol, but ourselves. We are the only obstacle to our own recovery, and we are trapped into that position by our own Lying Minds.

Alcoholism makes us believe things that aren’t true.

Our minds behave differently to those of normal drinkers when it comes to what we know and what we feel about alcohol. To normal drinkers it is an easy matter to stop drinking; if they were faced with circumstances that determined that they should no longer drink, then they would simply stop. That is not the case for us. For us, the thought of never drinking again is utterly horrific; it is an unimaginable idea.

This site aims to improve understanding of how our minds are distorted by alcohol addiction, and with this knowledge become willing to engage in recovery; when we understand how our minds are lying to us we can begin to make sense of our otherwise irrational behaviour when it comes to drinking.

The blog posts here look at the nature of addiction, how it works in our minds, and how to overcome this in recovery.


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