Sobrietry: the skill and practise of stopping drinking.

Getting sober doesn’t just happen, we have to make it happen, and nobody can do that except ourselves. We can’t simply wish things were different, we have to act. It takes effort and persistence to stop drinking and just like any other task there are some ways to achieve it that are more successful than others.

This book identifies what will help so that you don’t need to waste time and effort on things that won’t bring a result. There is a lot to learn and many new skills and disciplines to acquire and there really should be a word for such a specific expertise, but there isn’t, so I have invented one; I call it “Sobrietry”: The skill and practise of stopping drinking. People often talk about a ‘sober toolkit’. This book shows you that toolkit.

Sobrietry is now also available to download as an eBook (.epub) here The paperback is available from Amazon here:

CONTENTS (click to read the chapter)

Right Now

Chapter One: Necessary, Possible and Worthwhile.

Chapter Two: Cravings and Triggers

Chapter Three: Managing Cravings

Chapter Four: Emotional Triggers

Chapter Five: Resolve

Chapter Six: The Challenge Changes

Chapter Seven: Clean up the Past

Chapter Eight: Living Differently

Chapter Nine: If we Drink Again

Chapter Ten: Sobrietry

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