If your mission is to slay a dragon then it’s a good idea to know a thing or two about dragons before you set out and fighting alcoholism is exactly the same. 

The mind of an alcoholic works differently to that of a normal drinker when it comes to alcohol. Our minds compel us to drink too much too often, our memory becomes distorted, and we become increasingly anxious, depressed, fearful, alone and hopeless… all of which are relieved by drinking. We find ourselves trapped into a feedback loop whereby the power of the compulsion to drink is strengthened by the act of drinking. We do not even know that this has happened let alone have any idea about why, how, or how to escape it.

Lying Minds explains how our brain deceives us about alcohol; the ways in which this happens and why it happens to us and not others. It details how our minds work differently so that we can direct our recovery efforts to where they will be effective. Lying Minds takes the mystery out of alcoholism and the guesswork out of recovery. It crushes denial and is important reading for anyone trying to stop drinking or helping others to do so.

You can read Lying Minds chapter by chapter here or download the eBook at the bottom link.

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Alcohol and the Reward System

Chapter Three: How Alcohol Affects us

Chapter Four: Alcohol-Tolerance

Chapter Five: The Psychological Burden of Addiction

Chapter Six: Denial

Chapter Seven: Who Becomes an Alcoholic?

Chapter Eight: Withdrawal

Chapter Nine: After Withdrawal

Chapter Ten: The Following Months

Chapter Eleven: If we Drink Again

Chapter Twelve: The last words

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